Interview with designer Elena V

by Katerin on July 20, 2013

Now that the temperatures have heated up and summer has officially begun, many of us have plans to spend time at the beach, in the pool or on a family vacation away from home. While everyone else is enjoying a little rest and relaxation, designer Elena Vasilevsky, otherwise known as Elena V. is hard at work sketching new designs and working with her staff of seamstresses to produce two new collections to be debuted this fall. The first is a ready-to –wear collection that will be presented at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The second is a couture collection which will be unveiled in another runway show - likely Couture Fashion Week, which is held bi-annually at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Elena speaks with Katerin and shares how her passion for dance has influenced her design, as well as the non linear career path she followed before realizing success in the fashion industry. Her studio, located in New York’s Garment District on the west side of Manhattan is a busy place with an eclectic selection of fabrics crowding out finished pieces, fresh sketches of new designs and seamstresses operating sewing machines. Much of Elena V’s earlier design work was focused on pieces developed as costumes for theater and dancer performances. However, for the last year, she has focused her energy on designing high fashion.

Check out her designs at or on her Facebook page.

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